A group of Northern Territory tourists caught an epic spectacle on camera when they came across two saltwater crocodiles locked in battle.

The heavyweight fight took place over the weekend in Crocodylus Park, a wildlife park in Berrimah in Darwin’s east.

A fight between two big saltwater crocodiles has been caught on camera in the Northern Territory. (9News)
The crocs were filmed by tourists at Crocodylus Park. (9News)

The tourists were travelling on one of the park’s waterways in a riverboat when they caught sight of the two big beasts going toe-to-toe.

Exclamations can be heard as the crocs entangle, with one grabbing another by the tail as it tried to climb up onto the bank before dragging it back into the water.

The crocodiles also try to catch each other in a death roll, thrashing near the boat as the operator uses an oar to prod them away.

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Crocodylus Park, which opened in 1994, is dedicated to the conservation of both saltwater and freshwater crocodiles.

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