Good morning, Matilda Boseley here, and happy International Women’s Day!

It’s a new week! Let’s hope it isn’t as eventful as the last one.

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One of the main things to look out for is the reports from Adelaide of a “very strong” positive Covid-19 wastewater result.

The state doesn’t currently have any known positive cases in the community, but wastewater testing does tend to be very sensitive. A spokesperson for SA Health says the result is still being investigated as it’s possible that the result may be picking up Covid-19 positive travellers from a medi-hotel or an old case who is still “shedding”.

SA Health

Positive COVID-19 wastewater results have been detected in the Adelaide CBD. This may be linked to cases in medi-hotels, however, further investigations are underway.

Anyone who has any symptoms of COVID-19 should seek testing as soon as possible.


March 7, 2021

The detection is coming from the north-eastern part of Adelaide’s CBD, an area covering around 12,000 people living and working.

In that catchment is the Pullman quarantine hotel but this does not generally hold people who test positive to Covid-19, but the Tom’s Court Hotel, where infectious people are held, is outside the area.

Authorities have urged anyone with even extremely mild symptoms in the area to get tested.

Something to look out for today: ABC investigative journalist Louise Milligan reports that the woman who accused attorney general Christian Porter of raping her in 1988 sought out a therapist to discuss the allegations eight years ago.

The Guardian has not independently verified this meeting, but according to the ABC this is believed to be the first time the woman disclosed the story.

Porter vehemently denies the allegations.

This will form part of tonight’s Four Corner’s episode looking into the contested rape allegation against Porter. Friends of the now-deceased woman have thrown their support behind an independent inquiry, telling the program such an inquiry would stop what has been labeled a “trial by media”.

Well with that, why don’t we jump into the day?

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