This will be an unforgettable year.

Amidst the numerous adversities that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about, Southeast Asian (SEA) startup ecosystem has proven its resilience. Despite challenges, 2020 was rife with action: e27 has covered updates from the ecosystem that ranged from massive funding rounds, regional expansions, up-and-coming IPOs (even via SPACs), product pivots, to rapid digital adoption.

But they say behind every great startup is an even greater team. After all, it takes a good team to build a great organisation.

Throughout the years, coverage on the SEA tech startup ecosystem has been centred around the people who founded and invested in a company. When a company becomes successful, we put the founders and investors in the spotlight as we try to understand what is behind its big name and what is coming up for them.

But this time, we decide to pursue something different. It is a hard fact that most startups would not have been successful without their army of undeterred, ambitious and high-achieving individuals, who do the day-to-day grind and make it all work. Individuals who have made the founders’ vision comes true and utilises the existing resources to grow it.

Considering the crucial role that they play in the ecosystem, we do not wish for these individuals to become just another face in the crowd — let alone invisible. This is why, this time, we decide to put the spotlight on them.

We are presenting to you e27 Luminaries.

Bringing out the heroes

e27 Luminaries is an initiative to recognise executives and managers who have played instrumental roles in the success of their respective organisations, particularly throughout the challenging year that was 2020. They could be individuals who have led groundbreaking projects, implemented life-saving ideas, or made mind-blowing achievements despite the unfavourable situation.

We aim to list and celebrate 100 such individuals who have driven significant changes and milestone events at their organisations during the pandemic.

The e27 Content team is curating a list of companies who managed to leave remarkable traces along the way — beyond surviving the turbulence. We will reach out to these companies to nominate one person whom they believe should represent their organisation and feature them in a list that is set to come out at the end of March.

In addition to the listicle, we have also teamed up with the up-and-coming podcast show the Growthspurt, hosted by Drew Calin, to do a special interview with 10 of the selected individuals. Because who wouldn’t want to understand the secret sauce behind their success?

As part of the curation process, we will reach out to selected companies to nominate a manager or executive that have played a key role in driving changes within the organisation throughout the pandemic, be it a successful pivot, notable funding round, or even an entry to a new market.

These individuals will also receive opportunities for mentorship and partnership with our partner organisations.

Join the party

Do you know an individual or a company that you believe should be on our radar? Someone who fits the criteria, and deserves the spotlight? We would like to hear from you! Feel free to send us your recommendations through this link by March 7, 2021.

It is time for us to celebrate the unsung heroes of SEA startup ecosystem.

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