Fresh out of the Thai military and then a monastery, Baramee Janorat relapsed into ice addiction when he returned to Melbourne from Thailand.

The consequence of the 24-year-old’s drug use was catastrophic for Bruce and Lyn Anderson who perished in the horrific crash.

Baramee Janorat joined the Thai military and a monastery but his drug addiction returned. (Nine)

“You not only abruptly and violently brought an end to their lives … you shattered the lives of many others who cared for them,” Judge Rosemary Carlin said in the County Court today.

Today, the former Buddhist monk was jailed for 12 years for killing the grandparents at Bulla in October 2019.

The couple was driving home from a medical appointment in the city to their farm at Baynton in Central Victoria where their son Craig was waiting for them to arrive home.

Anderson couple
Bruce and Lyn Anderson died at the scene of the horror crash in 2019. (9News)

Janorat was high on ice and sleep-deprived, screaming abuse at other drivers with his middle finger out the window.

He crossed onto the wrong side of Sunbury Road and slammed head-on into the Andersons’ car.

The 68 and 69-year-old grandparents died at the scene.

The court heard today the victims’ adult children have been forced to sell their parent’s prized 6th generation farm.

Janorat was seen driving on the wrong side of the road before the fatal collision. (Nine)

Janorat, a plasterer from Melton West, survived with only an abdominal injury.

Witnesses found a loaded syringe lying underneath his hand.

After causing the double fatal crash, the killer driver vowed to remain abstinent from drugs, but a few months later he was caught smoking cannabis and his bail was revoked.

Banorat has already spent 176 days in custody which will count towards his sentence. (Nine)

He has been in custody ever since.

“The knowledge of what you have done will endure long after that sentence is over,” Judge Carlin said.

Janorat’s parole period is seven years and two months.

He has spent 176 days in custody, which will count towards his sentence.

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