Premier expected to announce easing of restrictions as survey reveals levels of vaccine hesitancy in Australia – all the news as it happens

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Malcolm Turnbull also says he finds it “incredible” Scott Morrison’s office was not made aware a staffer alleged she had been raped in a parliamentary office:

Well, I find it incredible.

That’s to say very, very, very hard to believe, that the prime minister’s office would not have been aware of that incident as soon as it occurred. And would not have been aware of the complaints that Brittany was making.

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Malcolm Turnbull is speaking to ABC News Breakfast, where he is asked about the reviews Scott Morrison has ordered into the complaints process at parliament.

It should be mentioned that a review of the complaints system was immediately requested after Four Corners aired its Canberra Bubble story last month.

Look, I think that the reviews will probably do no harm. How much good they do, I’d be sceptical about.

Frankly, I think a review of this kind should be done by somebody or some people that are absolutely independent. I think putting … asking the new member for Curtin, formerly a vice-chancellor, to do a review, effectively into the behaviour of her own colleagues, puts her in a very invidious position.

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