Two pedestrians have been forced to run for their lives when a car sped towards them in a Melbourne car park.

Dashcam footage shows a black Mazda charging towards a man and a woman in Campbellfield before smashing into their parked car.

The man appears to have tried to open the passenger side door before the driver of the car hurtled towards the pair.

Several people witnessed the alarming incident on Thursday night. (Supplied)

The stationary car was struck with such force it mounted a concrete divider separating parking spots.

Both cars appear to have been badly damaged.

Police said they spoke to a 44-year-old man following the smash. (Nine)

A Victoria Police spokesperson said investigators were able to locate the male driver a short time after the incident.

“Police were called to a crash in a car park off Jeffery Street, Campbellfield about 9.15pm on Thursday 11 February,” a statement read.

“They spoke to a number of people at the scene who said one car had crashed into another and driven off.

“Police searched the area and found the driver and car involved nearby. They spoke to a 44-year-old man from Coburg.

“He is expected to be charged with numerous traffic offences.”

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