Andrew English was enjoying a day out on the water with his family in Sydney’s south yesterday when he spotted a large shark swimming less than 20 metres away.

“I took the family out a swim, my wife and daughter were swimming in shallows when we spotted it,” Mr English told

In a video taken by Mr English about 2pm on the Port Hacking River near Warumbul, the shark swims along the water’s edge and splashes as it chases prey.

A Sydney family has spotted a large shark in the Port Hacking River. (Andrew English)

Mr Andrews said despite his four-year-old child and wife being close by, theshark seemed disinterested in disturbing them.

“It looked like it was about seven foot long.”

“It looked like it was just chasing baitfish and it wasn’t interested in us but we out of the water pretty quick,” he said.

Mr English said he rarely spots sharks while out on the water.

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“It was pretty cool to see it up so close,” he said.

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