Today, there are 2.2 million apps on iOS and 2.8 million on Google Play. As the app stores become oversaturated, this presents a significant challenge for app marketers: relying purely on organic installs and app store or search engine optimisation, is simply no longer enough to compete. In 2021 the key to growth, scale, and profit is building a solid user acquisition strategy to acquire users who go on to generate more revenue than they were brought in for.

With a specific focus on non-gaming apps such as travel, music, shopping, and news, mobile marketing leaders Adjust and app monetisation experts ironSource have teamed up to create a report that highlights app industry user acquisition trends and strategies for staying ahead of the curve. The “Growth Strategies for Mobile App User Acquisition” ebook gives you the tips and tools required to grow your app through user acquisition.

Exploring everything from the media sources that non-gaming apps currently rely on to best practices for designing creatives that convert, the latest ebook from Adjust and ironSource is a complete guide to help you navigate every step — whether you’re just starting out and building your strategy from the ground up, or looking to optimise and improve your current strategy.

Powered by data from Adjust and ironSource, the report also includes useful case studies and benchmarks for KPIs such as CTR (Click Through Rate) and CVR (Conversion Rate), so you can see how your performance currently fares against the rest.

As the pandemic accelerates us towards a more app-focused world, 2021 will likely see businesses everywhere investing in their apps and using them as a primary channel to interact with their users. Make sure you’re one step ahead when it comes to growing your business and proactively reaching out to valuable potential users — download the Growth Strategies for Mobile App User Acquisition ebook to learn more.

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