Abraha and his friends enjoy some quality time together on the beach in Dubai, speaking and discussing about their homeland, Ethiopia, in the ETHIOPIA STAR COFFEE SHOP, which is regarded as a safe haven where they may pursue their dreams of living a respectable life in the UAE. Abraha claims that spending time with his Ethiopian friends is more important to him than earning money, and that despite the comforts of living in Dubai City, he feels homesick. Abraha and his Ethiopian pals are part of the Ethiopian diaspora in the UAE, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands and is primarily employed in domestic labor.

For more over two decades, the UAE has had historical relations with Ethiopia. The bilateral relationship has improved in 2018. Indeed, this decision was not made in a vacuum; it demonstrates the leaders’ strong belief in the necessity of economic cooperation, which is critical for both countries. Furthermore, the two countries’ relationship has grown dramatically in recent years, particularly in the fields of investment, agriculture, and trade. Furthermore, the two countries collaborate on international/regional issues and regions of mutual concern, including peacekeeping activities in the African horn of Africa.

Source: https://www.fanabc.com/english/ethiopia-and-uae-a-relationship-of-brotherhood-cooperation-and-development/

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