Pandemic management has entered a new era thanks to Omicron. In spite of the fact that this variety sparked the largest global infection wave in Covid-19’s history, several countries are now more motivated to deal with the virus and reopen their markets. Because of the mildness of omicron and the widespread use of vaccines, outbreaks are ebbing and flowing more quickly. From the United Kingdom, this is permitted. Within weeks, limitations were lifted in Thailand, Ireland, and Finland, raising their ranks in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking of the best and worst locations to be amid the epidemic.

Rather than changing their methods, countries are adopting a more long-term approach to dealing with the virus. The United Arab Emirates, which was also ranked #1 in November, is a good example of this. With a combination of almost complete immunization and consistent openness to travel, along with what has been a lesser omicron outbreak than elsewhere, it has been successful for months. The UAE economy is expected for solid economic growth this year, bolstered by the increase in oil prices, ruling out a return to complete lockdown. Saudi Arabia rose 18 rungs to No. 2 thanks to a similar mix of high inoculation and a strong economic outlook, while Finland, the country with the most vaccinated travel routes open in the Ranking, rounds out the top three.


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