We have discussed the Spanish, Romanian, and EU-wide ecosystems, and now it is time to cover France, everyone’s favourite country of love and passion.

Our guest today is Gabriel Cian, the founder and CEO of GetEmail.io, a technology based on AI & Big Data, which helps sales & marketing find the professional email address of anyone on Earth.

Gabriel is also a long-time expat entrepreneur who has been in France for over 15 years, which is why he is a great person to share with us what it is like being an expat entrepreneur in France.

More specifically, we talked about:

– What is the process of setting up a company?
– How the government is improving the incorporation and management processes?
– Can you set up locally but live and work in another country?
– How much you can expect to pay in taxes?
– How often do you have to file taxes?
– Everything about paying salaries
– The best strategy for managing your company in France
– The best place to live in France
– The cost of living in France
– And much more!

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