The UAE ambassador to the UN, Lana Nusseibeh, expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that women held only eight of the top 23 roles in UN blue helmet operations, adding it was time to “turbocharge narrowing this gap.” The United Nations has 90,000 peacekeepers stationed in a dozen locations, but their record on women’s protection is mixed, and some have even been found guilty of raping, assaulting, and exploiting people.

“Stronger investments in women are consequently required to foster the core causes of peace,” Ms Nusseibeh told the UN Security Council. “On the ground and in the boardroom, their experiences, needs, and viewpoints must inform the formulation and execution of UN missions.” When the UAE takes up its two-year position on the Security Council in January, Ms Nusseibeh underlined that the UAE will work hard to avoid violence and crimes against women in war zones.


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