Even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, we started to see the shift from physical to online e-commerce happening. Smartphone technology, Artificial Intelligence, improved cameras and sensors, and 4G combined will allow for a next-generation shopping experience. This will be the key to innovation in the future.

Mike Dragan is the founder and CEO of Streams Live, which is taking advantage of all these technologies to push the boundaries of the shopping experience.

In this fascinating talk, we started discussing what it was like to be an entrepreneur born and raised in the European Union, but who straddles the EU and the US physically and professionally. It certainly gives a different experience –and advantage– for any entrepreneur.

Later in the conversation, we moved towards what the future of technology and the shopping experience might look like. What kind of changes in customer behaviour that we can expect to see? How will technology catch up with the needs and demands of a new era? What opportunities are there for us to pursue, and how can we best use them? What are the possible challenges?

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So if you’re interested in extrapolating and predicting the future of shopping, you’ll love this conversation with Dragan. Make sure you do not miss this one.

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