Many people I talk to started a company to solve a problem they encountered and found no other solution. There are also cases where the solutions that they found didn’t do a good enough job to satisfy their needs, creating an urgency for a new, improved one.

Today’s guest Sam Starns is no different.

After regretting her own traditional wedding, she wished there was someone who could have advised her to find the strength within herself to fight for the wedding she really wanted. That led Starns to start her own company which specialises in advising, planning, and leading couples to experience a custom elopement style wedding with under 25 guests in the most beautiful parts of the world.

How exactly is her company different from the existing wedding organisers? How does it seize the opportunity in a highly competitive market?

Most importantly, when starting a company, why is it so important to find the Why factor? How can it make a difference for you and your company? If you have not found it yet, then what are the steps that you can take? What are Starns’s experience in the matter, and what kind of advice can she give you?

If you are starting a company and need that extra push that inspires you, make sure you don’t miss this episode!

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