Press releases are passe. While there can only be so much news to share at any given time, startup founder stories and insights abound.

If you are a PR or communications professional seeking to get additional exposure for your clients in the tech startup ecosystem, here’s how you can leverage the e27 Contributor Programme.

It is an excellent opportunity for founders, corporate honchos, executives, government officials, and experts to establish their brand within the tech startup ecosystem in APAC. The e27 Contributor Programme is designed to nurture thought leadership in the industry. It is completely free of cost; all it takes is a simple profile set up and an original voice.

As you can see in this list of contributions we have published recently, we cover the whole range from founder stories, webinar videos with key takeaways, podcasts and infographics, funding experiences, employee management guides, entrepreneurial advice, productivity tips, sector-specific analysis, to regional trends.

All the community articles are written by ecosystem players. We simply facilitate its exposure through our widely visited platform with over two million reader base. 

What will your client’s gain?

  • Your clients’ articles will be viewed by thousands of readers of our website
  • Promoted at least 3x a day across e27 social media channels
  • They will also be featured in the masthead on our site as well as our daily newsletters going out to 50,000 subscribers
  • Boost their personal brand and position as a respected thought leader in the industry
  • Expand their writing portfolio, and attract speaking opportunities, etc.

Rachel Lau contributor

How can PRs facilitate it

Step 1: Email us the story angle your client wants to share, their bio and company profile
Step 2: Once we discuss it via email and you get a green flag, ask the client to create a profile on e27 and submit their article.
(Note: You cannot submit it on their behalf)
Step 3: We will publish the article. Get the client to share it within their networks.
(You can track the views on the article by visiting the author profile)

Video resource

If you have more questions, check out the FAQ here. We have also tried to address over 25 such queries specifically from PR professionals in an exclusive webinar with Telum. Check it out below:

Editor’s note: e27 aims to foster thought leadership by publishing views from the community. Share your opinion by submitting an article, video, podcast or infographic

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