Do Ngoc Lam and Do Minh Thu

VUIHOC co-founders Do Ngoc Lam and Do Minh Thu

Do Ventures, an early-stage VC firm in Vietnam, has announced an investment in VUIHOC, a primary school-focused online education platform.

The startup will utilise the funds to strengthen its technical capacity, upgrade product features, and improve the quality of learning materials.

Started two years ago by Do Ngoc Lam and Do Minh Thu, VUIHOC helps students cultivate their self-study from an early age. It covers all three core subjects for primary school students: math, Vietnamese, and English, based on the entire sets of textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and Training.

The startup currently offers more than 150 courses, nearly 9,000 video lectures, and a repository of 240,000 quiz questions. Its teaching framework is built every week, closely following the textbook curriculum.

More than 100,000 parents across Vietnam have used the platform so far.

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With VUIHOC, which means “fun learning” in Vietnamese, the founders want to create a delightful environment for students to build up learning passion at their earliest stages of life. Its educators design learning materials based on a deep dive into the psychology of each age group, ensuring that every student will find matching content at their preference.

Video lectures are vividly presented through eye-catching animations, gamified exercises to keep students engaged and enable them to assimilate knowledge quickly. Questions will be answered instantaneously by teaching assistants via the online chat tool.

VUIHOC also provides live classes to augment teacher-student interaction. Live classes take place weekly on the app under a team of expert teachers with online communication prowess.

Shortly, VUIHOC will broaden its learning courses to include high school students.

The platform organises monthly tests to track students’ learning progress and measure learning efficiency. Then, based on detailed analytics of each student’s level, the teachers at VUIHOC will suggest learning paths to help realise their potentials.

Student’s learning history is stored on an electronic school record system for parents to access daily and accompany their children on the studying journey.

“What set VUIHOC apart is their ability to develop an online educational product that won the attention of young-age students. In the company’s next phase of growth, Do Ventures will support in fostering the application of AI technologies, such as recommendation engine or adaptive learning, to enhance personalisation in education,” said Vy Le, General Partner of Do Ventures.

Do Ventures is a US$50-million VC firm. In September 2020, it announced the first close of its first fund from investors, including Naver, Sea Group, Vertex Holdings, and Woowa Brothers. The final close is expected this year.

According to Tracxn, there are 149 edutech startups in Vietnam as of June this year. The leaders are Topica, Point Avenue, Rockit Online, Prion, Ella Study, Rabiti, and

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