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We’ve launched e27 Pro to create a platform that helps empower businesses by providing access to tools and insights and ultimately bridging the community closer together and connecting founders, corporates, and investors.

As such, one of the key features that come with the e27 Pro membership is the e27 Connect, a tool that allows companies to engage directly with APAC’s investors who opt to be part of the programme and who are actively looking for startups to support.

To give you a glimpse of how the experience has been like, these company founders are sharing their enthusiasm about the platform, what progress they’ve made so far, and how the platform has impacted their fundraising efforts.

APAC companies react to e27 Connect

DIKA, a digital freight B2B marketplace based in Indonesia, shared that over 30 investors have already expressed interest in connecting with the company. With many big names on the list of investors keen on speaking with them, DIKA Co-Founder and CEO Gunawan Wahab expressed gleefully, “This e27 Connect is very good!”

Singapore headquartered ad-tech company Adzymic has also expressed their positive experience with the platform. Adzymic Co-Founder Travis Teo shared, “My cofounder and I really love this initiative. It has allowed us to connect with investors whom we previously had difficulty reaching.” Teo also added that the connection rate has exceeded their expectations, especially during this period.

On the other hand, Ngoc Minh Kim, CEO of Toppy Education, a Vietnam based online adaptive English learning platform, expressed, “I see this Connector work pretty well. We could learn a lot from that, and also speed up the time to connect and interact with the investors.” He noted the importance of the e27 Connect feature in saving time and establishing interaction with multiple investors at the same time.

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The beauty about e27 Connect is that it doesn’t exist as a lone feature in a larger platform. The purpose that e27 Connect serves is inextricable with other available tools and fundraising widgets in the platform that collectively render a robust business growth tool out of the larger e27 Pro system.

This is why ZeusX, a digital gaming marketplace based in Singapore, has decided to take part in the programme. “I would say it exceeded our expectations! We definitely achieved our original goal to promote ZeusX as a known startup, and we were pleasantly surprised by the investor interest we’ve been getting. The investors that engaged us in the first couple of weeks knew about us through e27 first,” shared Alex Tay, ZeusX Founder and CEO.

This galvanises e27 Pro’s role in putting startups in the investor radar, supplemented further by other features and fundraising widgets like e27 Connect that ultimately empowers startups to directly connect and engage with investors.

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This article was first published in 29 April 2020

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