Ah, it is that time of the week when activities seem to peak up, the stress level is increasing … and you begin to wonder if there is any hope, after all, to secure your next funding round in time.

Does everything feel dark and gloomy? Fear not!

This is why we are bringing you Connect, a feature that is available exclusively for e27 Pro members. In line with our mission to provide entrepreneurs with tools and resources to build and grow their company, Connect aims to make it easier for startups to reach out to potential investors on the e27 platform and build a relationship from there.

Have your e27 Pro account ready? Not sure where to begin? This is a handy list of investors in the platform that is ready to Connect with you.

Velocity Ventures
Target stages: Seed
Target verticals: Entertainment, F&B, Retail, Transportation, Travel

Velocity Ventures aims to invest in visionary entrepreneurs who are reshaping the travel and hospitality sector in Southeast Asia. Understanding the challenges that businesses in the sector are currently facing, in June, the firm announced the launch of its US$20 million fund for “distressed” startups in the field.

Jean-Pierre Sedaghat is a Partner at the VC firm since 2019.

Connect with them here.

Taiwan Accelerator
Target stages: Angel, Pre-Seed
Target verticals: Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Automotive, Big Data, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, E-commerce, Enterprise Solution, Finance, Healthtech, ICT, IoT, Logistics/Supply Chain, Mobile, Platform, Productivity & CRM, Robotics, Smart Cities, SaaS, Transportation

Known as the first seed accelerator in Taiwan, Taiwan Accelerator has been actively investing in early stage startups of various verticals in the country. It is also the organiser of X-PITCH, the XGames for startups wherein participants will be going through three levels of pitching for a chance to win up to US$1 million investment prizes. e27 is a proud partner of the initiative.

Kevin Yu is the founding partner of Taiwan Accelerator.

Connect with them here.

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Monk’s Hill Ventures
Target stages: Pre-Series A, Bridge
Target verticals: Cybersecurity, E-commerce, Education, Finance, Finance, F&B, Healthtech, Human Resources, Logistics/Supply Chain, Robotics, SaaS, Travel

Founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs Peng T. Ong and Kuo-Yi Lim, Monk’s Hill Ventures is a venture capital firm in Southeast Asia, investing in great entrepreneurs who will change millions of lives through technology. In June 2020, Ong wrote a piece for e27 to advise startups on how to get ready for the New Normal.

Connect with them here.

Cadence Venture Capital
Target stages: Seed
Target verticals: Finance, Insurtech, Marketplace

Cadence Venture Capital invests in companies with a mindset of collaboration ahead of isolation, specialisation ahead of generalism, and scalability ahead of immediate profitability. It invests in Seed and Series A stage investments and believes in helping the region of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Bryan Chung is a Managing Partner at the firm.

Connect with them here.

KK Fund
Target stages: Angel, Pre-Seed
Target verticals: All

KK Fund is a Singapore-based venture capital fund to invest in early-stage tech startups across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. In April, the firm shared to e27 how it evaluates an early stage startup for investment. Some of the key factors assessed are team members, target market, exit opportunity, business model, and traction.

Koichi Saito is Founder and General Partner at the VC firm.

Connect with them here.

Aboitiz Group
Target stages: All
Target verticals: All

Aboitiz Group seeks like-minded innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs who are committed to a solution that is compatible with its values and business goals. The company has business units that are working in various sectors from banking, property, to the food industry.

Matt Kolling is the Head of Corporate Venture Capital at the company.

Connect with them here.

Altara Ventures
Target stages: Pre-Series A, Bridge
Target verticals: Consumer, Education, Finance, Healthtech, Logistics/Supply Chain, Social Enterprise

In September 2020, Altara Ventures announced a US$100 million fund to invest in 20-25 tech startups in Southeast Asia. Backed by the likes of Koh Boon Hwee, Tan Chow Boon, and Seow Kiat Wang, the fund has recently taken part in a US$12.6 million funding round for SaaS startup FreeAgent.

Dave Ng is a General Partner at the company.

Connect with them here.

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Jubilee Capital Management
Target stages: Pre-Series A, Series A
Target verticals: All

Jubilee Capital Management seeks to invest in forward-looking innovations with the potential to impact industries, from technologies such as AI or Blockchain, IoT to robotics, and in industries including but not limited to financial services, travel, urban and lifestyle solutions. The founders of its portfolio companies are described as serial entrepreneurs who are experienced and resilient, with deep domain knowledge and have proven their ability to address problems that large companies cannot fix.

The company’s portfolio companies included Spark Systems and Vntrip.

Gan Fong Jek is the Founding Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at the firm.

Sun SEA Capital
Target stages: Series A
Target verticals: Enterprise Solution, Finance, Healthtech, Logistics/Supply Chain, Media

Managed by Sunway Group, Sun SEA Capital is a venture capital fund based in Kuala Lumpur, investing in Series A stage startups across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Its portfolio companies included Intrepid Group in Singapore and The Lorry in Malaysia.

ST Chua is Principal at the company.

Connect with them here.

IES Incubator Accelerator (IES-INCA)
Target stages: Angel, Pre-Seed, Seed, Pre-Series A, Series A
Target verticals: Architecture & Construction, Cleantech, Consumer, Energy, Enterprise Solution, Hardware, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Platform, Robotics, Smart Cities, Transportation

This investor is suitable for startups with a more niche focus. IES-Incubator and Accelerator (IES-INCA) is a strategic initiative by The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES) to support engineers in technopreneurship and new technology business ventures. The programme is uniquely designed to focus on engineers, engineering and deep tech.

Andy Andrew Wee is a General Manager at the programme.

Connect with them here.

Ready to start fundraising? Start building your investor network! Use our Connect feature to directly connect, engage, and speak with the most active investors in the region. Connect is exclusive for e27 Pro members, but you can try it out for free. Head over here to start connecting.

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