Fundraising startups especially in their early stages often struggle to get connected with investors. Some of them are not even given the chance to pitch their products and services to investors for various reasons. One of the biggest challenges is the warm introductions — general platforms just don’t support an easy and more targeted way of connecting with investors. This is why we keep improving what we do. 

We just launched a new look for the Investor Directory page! With this new look, Pro members (don’t worry about getting a Pro membership, you may try it for 14 days – free!) are now able to send the Connect requests to as many investors in a much easier way! No need to click through each profile since the Connect button is already visible in the main page. 

Here’s a snapshot of the new look:


Also, we’ve added the Recommended Investors below. This is to ensure more targeted Connections. The page recommends investors relevant to your company whether it be the vertical, or funding stage. 

We made these changes with the aim to make your fundraising journey more efficient, and hopefully make more meaningful connections. 

Are you currently fundraising and looking to Connect to investors? When the investor views your fundraising information and agrees to Connect, we’ll handle the warm introductions! Pro membership allows you to Connect to as many investors and get the chance to pitch your product.

Are you an investor looking for your next portfolio company? e27 Connect is for you! Create or Claim your investor profile on e27 and start receiving Connect requests from the most innovative tech companies in Asia. We’ve got the fundraising information, pitch deck and introductions covered!

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