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At e27 we are running monthly special themes and so proud that our pride special articles are well received. We are all for inclusivity and diversity in and outside the workplace. Check out some tips on how to enhance it at your organisation from our regular contributor.

And there’s more. From the future of stock market trading (the GameStop saga ring a bell?) to why letting go is a very important virtue for founders (and I would go on to say for everyone literally); this week’s round up is packed with a lot of action.

Happy reading!

5 handy tips to create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture by Duckju Kang, CEO of ValueChampion

June is internationally recognised as Global Pride Month. But beyond rainbow-coloured designs and virtual festivals to celebrate the LGBTQ movement, it is also a reminder to embrace diversity in the workplace.

There are several benefits to cultivating an inclusive, healthy workplace culture such as different perspectives to generate new ideas. Keep reading to find out how your team can discover and nurture new talent for more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

The first-mile container logistics is ripe for digital disruption. Here’s how Haulio is doing it by Alvin Ea, CEO of Haulio

Across industries, the wave of digital disruption has brought new technologies, new entrants, new customer experiences and new business models. In order to beat the disruption, one has to be the disruptor.

We see this narrative unfolding in the logistics sector. Technological revolution has accelerated change in an industry that is traditionally backward and least digitally exposed. It has enlarged the divide between the new and the old.

The reality is that the supply chain is not naturally a digital business, as concluded in the report by Janeiro Digital, The Modernisation Gap: Digital Innovation and Transformation in Supply Chain and Logistics.

Many, prior to the pandemic, have regarded digital tools as unnecessary expenses. In the container trucking industry, it is a typical sight to see drivers writing down the jobs that they had completed each day on a piece of paper. It is just how things have always been.

The art of letting go and how it makes you an even better entrepreneur by Peter Hu, Entrepreneurial Leader-Educator

You might have seen this happen with someone you know. This person talks about their problem often but every time you see them, there is no indication the problem is even there. They are only telling you about it, not experiencing it directly.

On the few occasions when the problem actually does occur, they say things like “I always make a mess of things,” Or, “I never know what to do.”

Ironically, when we use words like “I never” or “I always,” we tend to grossly exaggerate the frequency of something occurring because of our emotional attachment. By doing so, we simply reinforce our problems which cause us to suffer.

Now, what if all our problems are just memories?

Most of us believe that thinking about our problems and wanting to change them will bring change, so we keep on doing it. But if you examine your own experience, I think you’ll find that positive change most often comes when you let go of all your thinking and wanting.

Blockchain trading and investments

Trading apps enabling sophisticated buy-sell of financial products: a boon or a bane? by Rachel Lau, Managing Partner at RHL Ventures

As confidence in the markets recovered, the S&P and Nasdaq returned a staggering 80 per cent and 100 per cent respectively from their March 2020 lows. The strength of this recovery was felt most strongly in several distinct areas of equity markets, such as in technology, e-commerce, and work-from-home related stocks.

Suddenly, equities have become a somewhat predictable source of investment returns, and news of this source of ‘easy money’ began flooding chat rooms and social media popular among young retail traders, with many sharing strategies and coordinating buying sprees into some of the most crowded individual trades on the market.

The pros and cons of signing on an angel investor for your startup by Izwan Zakaria, startup lawyer

With more and more news covering startups around the world, professionals like doctors, engineers, and lawyers can be found asking questions to founders seeking fundings during the monthly pitching sessions hosted by angel investment clubs.

They are seeking to invest their hard-earned savings in your venture in hope of cashing out if your company ends up being a future unicorn. But there are a number of trade-offs you must consider before taking an angel investor’s money.

How yield farming will disrupt the Southeast Asian markets in 2021 by Suvrangsu Das, Blockchain Marketing Analyst

As emerging market economies face a higher rate of inflation due to quantitative easing and increase in spending from the government with central banks and governments have pumped US$25 trillion into economies, the flow of money has raised concerns worldwide regarding the rising inflation.

With inflation rising steadily, it is getting difficult for investors to earn a yield on municipal bonds, securities or deposit certificates as the rising inflation leads to negative yield for investors.

However, yield farming, a new phenomenon in the blockchain industry, provides institutional investors with a new avenue to allocate resources.

Startups and their pandemic struggles

How telehealth startup Doctor Anywhere stepped up to the COVID-19 challenge by Rei En Tang, Doctor Anywhere

As each market faces its own unique challenges in navigating through the pandemic, it is critical that our teams keep a close ear on the ground, and continue to innovate and refine our products to meet each market’s needs. Establishing regional tech hubs in Singapore, Vietnam, and India in early 2021 is one strategic move to ensure that DA continues to scale and develop innovative solutions effectively.

“Our mission is to be the largest tech-enabled omnichannel healthcare provider in Southeast Asia,” says Wai Mun Lim, founder and CEO of Doctor Anywhere. “Tech-enabling offline businesses are also a key component of our strategy. This is also how we differentiate ourselves from competitors, and one of the key reasons our investors invested in us.”

Zenyum founder Julian Artopé is on a mission to help Asia smile more by Co Tran, Communication Associate, Febe Ventures

Featured in this episode is Julian Artopé, founder of Zenyum, a Singaporean startup with the mission to make cosmetic dentistry more affordable.

Founded in 2018, the startup partners with hundreds of dentists to provide 3D-printed Invisible Braces across seven markets in Asia, produced under the highest quality standards.

Zenyum has recently raised a US$40 million Series B round from co-investors including L Catterton, a private equity firm focused on consumer brands.

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