Qiniso van Damme says she did it for love and has found her match with Gaz.

The final episode of the first-ever Bachelorette South Africa came to an end on Thursday evening.

Qiniso’s journey started in February 2021 on M-Net’s franchise of the popular dating reality show. Qiniso was a contestant in season two and made it into the top six.

Coming out as a big fan favourite, the network chose her as first bachelorette and, significantly, the first black lead. Starting with 20 suitors, Qiniso’s final two included cricket coach Henk “Swazi” Nel and marketer Gareth “Gaz” Ehret.

The pair showed their love on social media, with Qiniso’s sister politician and former DA parliamentarian Phumzile Van Damme sending a stern warning to Gaz.

“It’s been such a pleasure getting to know you @EhretGareth. You’re fun, funny and a genuinely kind person. I don’t trust very easily, and I trust you with my sister’s heart. Don’t f**k it up.”

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With their undeniable chemistry, quirky sense of humour and also a serious side when needed, Qiniso chose Gaz in the end as the person she was most compatible with.



Gaz also shared a beautiful compilation video of what the couple have been up to after the show, with Qiniso commenting: “Love of my life.”


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Qiniso comments on her boyfriend’s Gaz’s status after the season finale of ‘Bachelorette SA’. Picture: Screengrab

In the Bachelor series around the world, usually a proposal occurs, but Gaz chose a ring that symbolises taking their relationship further.

The couple still seem very much together.

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