In today’s edition of “Active Investors of the week”, we have Cocoon Capital, Verge HealthTech Fund, Cornerstone Ventures as our top three most active investors in our e27 Connect Program. The following are some details on who these investors are and what are their investment criterias:

Cocoon Capital
Based in: Singapore

Straight from Cocoon Capital: Cocoon Capital is a Singapore-based, venture capital firm focusing on early-stage, enterprise tech companies across Southeast Asia and has assets under management of SGD40m. The fund invests within the medtech, fintech, insurtech and other deep tech verticals.

Investment range: USD 500K – USD 750K, Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge

Latest Investments:
JazzPay (Philippines), Seed, $500K, Sep 2020
See-mode (Singapore), Series A, $7M, Aug 2020
Aiculus (Australia), Seed, $670K, Jul 2020

Verticals: E-commerce, Enterprise Solution, Information & Communications Technology

e27 Admin / Investment Partner: Managing partner and Co-Founder of Cocoon Capital is William Klippgen, investing in fast-growing, digital and deep tech startups in Southeast Asia at Cocoon Capital. He has invested in over 35 companies since 2004 after co-founding which was sold to Yahoo in 2004 through in one of Europe’s largest internet transactions till date.

Verge HealthTech Fund
Based in: Singapore

Investment range: USD 250K – USD 500K, Angel / Pre Seed, Seed

Straight from Verge HealthTech Fund: We make early investments in global healthcare technology companies that address prevention, disease management and health system efficiency that are relevant to emerging Asia.

Verticals: Healthtech, Medtech

Latest Investments:
iWEECARE (Taiwan), Angel, $2.4M, Sep 2020

e27 Admin / Investment Partner: CEO of Verge HealthTech Fund is Joseph Mocanu, an active mentor to, and angel investor in several medtech and digital health startups.

Cornerstone Ventures
Based in: Taiwan

Investment range: USD 200K – USD 1M, Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge, Series A, Series B

Latest Investments:
AsiaYo (Taiwan), Debt, Undisclosed, Jun 2020
FundPark (Hong Kong), Series A, Undisclosed, Mar 2020
ShopBack (Singapore), Series D, Undisclosed, Jan 2020

Verticals: Digital solutions, AI

Straight from Cornerstone Ventures: Cornerstone Ventures mainly invest in digital startup teams, and prefer startups that utilize new technologies such as AI to improve business more effectively. We look for startups that have links to Taiwan, including Taiwanese entrepreneurs abroad, international startups who are thinking about expanding to Taiwan, or startups who are already operating in Taiwan.

e27 Admin / Investment Partner: Founder of Cornerstone Venture is Michael Ozechov, managing Investments across all focus areas at MOBIA Capital, a private multi-family office, headquartered in New York.

Experienced Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry. Skilled in Venture Capital, Early-stage Startups, Start-ups, Business Strategy, and Finance.

We wish you all the best in your fundraising journey and hope our e27 Connect Program will assist you to secure quality conversations with the top investors in Southeast Asia in the quest to attain your fundraising goals. Find out more about how it works here. If you are a startup looking to fundraise, sign up here now for a free trial to get connected with the abovementioned investors. If you are an investor looking to get listed on our platform, here is how you can join our Connect Program!

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