Jogging pants, dad shoes, Crocs, and puffer vests are in the spotlight, worn (and embraced) by the greatest fashion icons. Let’s take a look at these cheesy pieces that you inevitably keep somewhere in the back of your closet.

Good old jogging pants

Isolated gray sweatpants,Image istock

With the health crisis, jogging pants, until recently considered a piece reserved for sporty types (and even then), has become one of the most coveted fashion items in just a few months.

Even Anna Wintour, Anna Wintour, fashion priestess, who is always on top of her game, has taken to wearing jogging pants, even though it is not the usual attire for the icon of New York fashion and high society.

You must have seen the photo, posted one year ago, in which the editor in chief of Vogue US poses in jogging pants and a striped sweater. Once we got over the shock, we realized that in fact jogging pants had become the ultimate in chic.

And that’s good, because not only does everyone have one in their wardrobe, but it was also difficult not to succumb to it in the middle of a lockdown.

And while life seems to be gradually returning to normal today, jogging pants are not about to return to the back of our closets. School runs, trips on the subway (and on the bike), and Sunday walks are proof that it still has a great future ahead of it.

Dad shoes, Crocs and company


Crocs slippers for women and children flip flops on a blue background. Image Istock

What’s going on with shoes these days? High heels seem to have click-clacked for the last time during the first round of lockdowns, in favor of the ubiquitous sneakers but not exclusively.

Dad shoes, which can also be found under the name “ugly shoes,” have also become popular pieces among Gen Z and Gen Y.

They feature oversized soles — if you like to be inconspicuous, skip  them — and come in a multitude of colors, patterns and styles.That may cause you anxiety.

And yet, they are everywhere, from the models offered by fast fashion to those sold by top-level luxury houses.

In the same vein, Crocs, the ultimate ugly shoes, have been making a comeback for several months. Two different styles for two different groups.

And yet, we would bet that at least one of these two models is carefully stored in a corner of your home sweet home.

Puffer vests and fleeces

Puffer jacket

orange puffer jacket texture with a zipper and a runner close-up.Istock

You must know someone who knows someone who has a sleeveless puffer jacket, or even a fleece (yes, really). But that’s a topic of conversation for parties.

In reality, you’re bound to have a sleeveless down jacket and/or a fleece in your closet. Don’t try to change the subject, it’s impossible that you don’t.

The thing is that there are those who embrace this style (and they are few) and then all the others.

We won’t pretend otherwise, these are the quintessential ‘ugly’ pieces but they keep us warm and comfortable during long winter nights.

Especially since they made our lives easier, during lockdowns, when we found ourselves airing out our interiors a thousand times a day.

No more hiding, let’s embrace the fact, or at least admit, that we all have at least one ugly, cheesy, kitschy piece we wouldn’t part with for anything in the world.

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