In today’s edition of “Active Investors of the week”, we have Golden Equator Ventures , ExtraVallis, KDDI as our top three most active investors in our e27 Connect Program. The following are some details on who these investors are and what are their investment criterias:

Golden Equator Ventures
Based in: Singapore
Investment range: Not specified, Series A, Series B, Series C & Above

Straight from Golden Equator Ventures: Golden Equator Ventures (GEV) is a venture capital firm that invests in high-growth technology companies in Southeast Asia. GEV is a subsidiary of Golden Equator Group. Through its ecosystem of businesses and networks, Golden Equator invests in the future generation through its key pillars of Capital, Technology, and Community to build financially rewarding businesses while driving positive social impact.

Latest Investments:

  1. Whitecoat (Singapore), Series A, $8M, Apr 2021
  2. dahmakan (Malaysia), Series B, $18M, Feb 2020
  3. Rever (Vietnam), Venture Round, $2.3M, Sep 2019

Verticals: Fintech, Human Resources, Media and Entertainment

Based in: United States of America
Investment range: Not specified, Angel / Pre Seed, Seed

Straight from ExtraVallis: ExtraVallis enables you to focus on your business rather than fund-raising. Ensures exposure to investors, control over how you raise capital, and easier management and presentation of your metrics to demonstrate success.

Verticals: All/Any

Based in: Singapore
Investment range: Not Specified, Seed, Pre-Series A / Bridge, Series A, Series B, Series C & Above

Straight from KDDI: KDDI supports startups that shape the new future, through offering investments, facilities, and marketing channels. KDDI is committed to creating a new world with you challengers.

Latest Investments:

  1. Repro (Japan), Series C, $27M, Feb 2020
  2. Cluster (Japan), Series C, $7.47M, Jan 2020
  3. GTRIIP (Singapore), Venture Round, Undisclosed, Dec 2019

Verticals: Fintech, Consumer, IoT/ AI

We wish you all the best in your fundraising journey and hope our e27 Connect Program will assist you to secure quality conversations with the top investors in Southeast Asia in the quest to attain your fundraising goals. If you are a startup looking to fundraise, sign up here now for a free trial to get connected with the abovementioned investors.

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Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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