When it comes to finding the right people and ideas to invest in, visibility is everything. Remember that you are not alone in trying to land the hottest new emerging startups in your portfolio. If you want to become a true partner for innovation and earn the opportunity to catalyse the growth of some of the most brilliant young companies in the world, you really have to stand out.

As such, we bring good news to the most active investors in our e27 ecosystem! Lucky for you, we have just launched our latest Investor Side Widget on our e27 homepage!

These investors are listed on our Investor Side Widget because of their high level of engagement on our e27 platform and their responsiveness to Connect requests from startups. We are working to improve the discovery of more active investors in the Investor Directory as well as a follow-up next step.

For all the verified investors out there at e27, here is a chance for you to gain some extra visibility on our platform as the hottest startups in the region can now easily get connected with you via our side widget on the right side of our homepage with just one click. In order to become an active investor, a combination of factors is taken into account. This includes the 2 main factors as follows:

  1. How responsive an investor is in responding to “Requests to Connects” from startups — QUICK TIP: if you have any pending requests sitting in your email, now is the time for you to clear them up.
  2. Level of engagement on our e27 platform
    • Level of Profile Completeness
    • Up-to-date Investment Updates
    • General activity on the platform

For all startups out there, here is the chance for you to get connected with the most lively investors in the region! And what’s better, you know for sure now that they are the more active investors out there and will probably be responding to you in a more timely manner.

For general investors interested in the program, please read here on how it works and here on how to join.

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