Laura Gomez, General Partner of Latin Leap.

EduSpaze, a Singapore-based edutech accelerator, has announced a partnership with Latin Leap, a Colombia-based VC studio.

This is aimed at providing strategic and commercial support for Asia’s edutech startups to capitalise on the global growth momentum.

Furthermore, it will also help drive deeper co-operation between the Latin American and Asian tech ecosystems.

Singapore has consistently sustained top rankings in the global education field and is recognised to have one of the best education systems in the world.

In contrast, Latin America continues to lag behind in terms of educational outcomes and hosts some of the world’s weakest education systems.

As much as 50 per cent of students in the LatAm region do not reach the basic PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) proficiency levels and are on average three years behind the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in components such as reading, math and science.

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In light of these concerning statistics, there is a dire need for innovative edutech solutions to strengthen the local system and ensure that these Latin American children and adolescents are able to access quality education.

“One of the most crucial challenges that Latin America faces today is the lack of access to quality education. The region has one of the world’s weakest education systems and grapples with high levels of inequality,” said Laura Gomez, General Partner of Latin Leap.

“In times of unprecedented change, when the next 100 years will see the equivalent of 20,000 years of progress, Latin America’s usual strategy of catching up is not sustainable and faces the threat of becoming irrelevant. The only way is to anticipate and leapfrog the region. Innovative edutech solutions from Asia can help the region close this gap and enhance access to quality education for all,” Gomez added.

“Both EduSpaze and Latin Leap are aligned in investing our resources in purpose-driven companies that can create a strong educational impact. EduSpaze will help identify pedagogically-driven Southeast Asian edutech companies with a proven market fit and is able to similarly implement needs-based solutions that can drive effective and meaningful education for Latin Americans,” added Alex Ng, Managing Director of EduSpaze.

“Latin Leap would thereby provide the much-needed access and network for the startups to capture new opportunities, internationalise and build a stronger global edutech innovation ecosystem,” he shared.

Founded in 2019, EduSpaze is managed by seed capital firm and startup incubator Spaze Ventures, and supported by Enterprise Singapore.

Its accelerator supports companies that address sector-specific challenges within the education industry and provides selected startups up to S$500,000 (US$376,950) funding, mentor support and an environment for pilot project implementations.

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