A Gold Coast shop owner who had his $9500 necklace torn from his neck in an alleged assault is already back at work.

Two men are set to face court later this month over the incident.

CCTV footage appears to show two men entering a Southport tobacconist and allegedly stealing sunglasses.

Two people have been arrested over an alleged assault in a Gold Coast shop. (9News)

The owner moves to confront them and is allegedly attacked with repeated punches, and stomped after he falls to the ground.

The two men then allegedly take the gold chain from around his neck, a piece worth $9500.

The shopkeeper gets up to go after them, minutes before police arrive.

The shop owner moved to confront the men after he allegedly saw them stealing sunglasses. (9News)

Two men, aged 18 and 27, have been arrested over the incident and are set to face court later this month.

The shop owner was released from hospital this morning and is already back at work.

He has reclaimed his golden chain, but said he probably would not be wearing it to work again.

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