Anyone who has taken advantage of the UK government’s easing of restrictions in allowing groups of six people to meet outside will have needed to take precautions to stay warm.

Any kind of exercise, walking, cycling or gardening warms you up but most people have no previous experience of sitting still outside, particularly in the record-breaking cold spring weather of the last few weeks. Under any normal circumstances sensible people would go indoors but because of Covid restrictions it has been illegal.

As a result of these privations there has been a proliferation of advice about how to stay warm while sitting still. None of the suggestions are particularly ingenious; they involve covering as much skin as possible in warm garments. There are even practical hints like the right sort of gloves to wear while texting, presumably to tell the seventh person who could not come what fun you are having.

Experience shows that people learn quickly. Meeting old friends and family is not so pleasant if you cannot stop shivering. People who dressed smartly and fashionably on their first outing and survived the hypothermia that resulted look chunkier next time. Thermal underwear has been rediscovered and the wise are wearing roughly twice as many clothes.

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