Former Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Nick Coatsworth has admitted it’s ‘a big job’ to trace the source of Sydney’s new coronavirus outbreak.

A man, who is from Woollahra in Sydney’s east, and his wife, both have the virus.

Dr Coatsworth told Today that in the past, officials have always worked out how people have caught the virus.

But he admitted there was a concern the virus is spreading through the community undetected.

“I think what we’ve got to remember is when this has happened before, and there have been mystery links, we have found them,” he said.

“The NSW public health team have proven themselves to be world leading, nation leading in the past and world leading and they will do on this occasion as well.

“But it is a race, and they’re a very polished team as they race to find a missing link.

“At this stage it’s absolutely a real mystery.

“We know it’s a variant that’s come from the United States. It’s not one of the variants of concern, so it’s not one of the variants that tends to spread more rapidly within the community, and that’s good news.

“But what that link might be, between a returned traveller and hotel quarantine and this particular gentleman is not yet known.”

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