A very good morning to you all on this dreary autumn’s Thursday (well, at least it’s dreary where I am, so I demand everyone suffer because of that).

Sydney is dealing with a worrying case of mystery Covid community transmission. The NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian says it’s likely there will be more community cases to come after a man in Sydney’s east tested positive yesterday, despite not recently travelling overseas, not working in a hotel quarantine, border or a health role and basically having no idea where he caught the virus.

Essentially the hunt is now on for the missing Covid-19 link.

NSW Health believes this man has been infectious, with a high viral load, since last Friday. He has been moving around the community, visiting up to 20 venues, but luckily, health authorities say he had been meticulous about checking in using QR codes.

A list of venues of concern has been compiled which includes a number of barbecue stores in Silverwater, Annandale and Casula, a meat store in Bondi Junction and a petrol station in Mascot.

He also attended a screening of The Courier at Event Cinemas Bondi Junction on Friday before attending Figo Restaurant at Rushcutters Bay.

This has lead Berejiklian to warn:

Everybody in the state needs to be on high alert.

Anybody anywhere with the mildest of symptoms needs to come forward and get tested.

And she really does mean everyone, because, on Wednesday evening, NSW Health reported viral fragments had been detected in the Marrickville sewage network in the city’s west.

The catchment includes about 42,000 people and takes sewage from Dulwich Hill, Marrickville, Summer Hill, Lewisham, Ashfield, Haberfield, Petersham, Lilyfield and Leichhardt.

NSW Health is asking everyone in these areas to be especially vigilant in monitoring for symptoms, and if they appear get tested and isolate immediately until a negative result is received.

Berejiklian said it was too early to say if NSW’s coronavirus-related restrictions need to be tightened. Miraculously, so far no states or territories have slammed closed their borders, although most have ruled that anyone who has visited a Sydney hotspot and since travelled interstate must isolate for 14 days.

Now there is plenty to get through (because despite what Sydney thinks, the world doesn’t actually revolve around Sydney), so why don’t we jump into the day!

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