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After running the Echelon Asia Summit for years we have learned one thing: that Asians are not shy anymore. At least not when it comes to expressing their views and sharing their insights. For a region with cultural and linguistic differences, the Southeast Asian (SEA) entrepreneur community is a happy family.

Since its inception, e27 has tried to nurture this one, big happy family. Empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies is both mission and ethos; the very reason that this platform exists. Everything we do, whether online or offline, goes back to this.

While we do our best to bring you the latest updates, views from KOLs in the ecosystem, learning guides and resources and even live interactions with investors and unicorn leaders, we learnt there was nothing more enriching and heartwarming than learning from each other. And that is why we have been running the e27 Contributor Programme for five years now.

Simply put, the Contributor Programme is where you voice your views. And here are the reasons why we think our ecosystem needs it and why will continue to grow with it.

Your story is our story

A contributor recently said that one of the most important attributes for a founder is conviction. The conviction to support their story, the conviction to succeed and the conviction their product is right for the market. And we want to take your founder story, the story of your success and failures or even the lessons from your personal story to the whole wide community.

Not only does that enhance one’s confidence but sharing your story or that of your business also inspires others in the community to pursue their dreams.

Sharing is caring

When Terng Shing Chen shared his story of how he built a business across three countries with only remote workers at the beginning of the pandemic, even we were taking notes. Not only was it a great way for him to vent out the excruciating experience but it also served as a lighthouse for many other C-suite executives and founders struggling with the pandemic-induced remote work challenges.

The contributor community has always been an open and inclusive space where professionals and subject matter experts share their technical know-how, business management techniques, productivity hacks, how to’s and more. This humble sharing and exchange of information and knowledge are what helps the tech ecosystem to further propel.

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And we can’t stress the importance of constantly learning from each other to thrive in this competitive world. Think of it as an underlying network of mentors.

Put yourself out there

My favourite TedX speaker is Brene Brown and I can never forget what she said: being vulnerable, is being brave. And that’s what sharing your views via e27 enables you to do –-bravely put yourself out there. And to seek the quintessential support of the fellow players of the tech startup ecosystem in SEA and abroad.

And given our times, the aspect of networking as we knew it is changing and how. Each of us needs a far stronger digital footprint to claim our fame and establish our expertise. While one’s work speaks for itself, there is no underestimating the power of social media reach and one’s online personality.

It never fails to attract investor leads, clients, better employees and opportunities or simply like-minded folks in the community.

Day in and day out, the ability to strengthen this vibrant community and reiterate our ethos keep us going and making sure we bring out the choicest voices and opinions. Don’t forget, we are just the glue holding this community together, the real magic dust is you.

This season we are seeking op-eds, analysis and articles on foodtech and sustainability. So share your opinion and earn a byline by submitting a post.

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