A car travelling along the N4 highway in Pretoria recorded a brazen robbery incident in the middle of the day through dashcam footage.

The driver of the car was forced into the emergency lane by a white BMW transporting a group of thugs.

As the car abruptly stops, the BMW can be seen stopping a few metres ahead, in the middle of the highway. 

Three heavily armed men then exit the BMW and shout for the driver to open the door. 

According to Yusuf Abramjee’s tweet, the driver had just withdrawn a large amount of cash. 

It is presumed the thugs had watched the person withdraw the money, and proceeded to follow the victim home. 

After robbing the victim, they speed off.

The dashcam footage continues to film as the victim sits in the car in shock. Luckily, it does not appear as though anyone was harmed in the incident.

Watch the shocking footage below: 

As traumatic as the footage appears, Twitter comments were inundated with suspicions, with many saying the robbery had to have been a set-up involving the driver.

However, others pointed out the victim’s tyres may have been shot by the thugs, which could explain why the car did not immediately drive away.

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