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In March 2021 product updates, we wanted to give startups the capabilities at accessing knowledge of experts in certain area to better help them build their company and we removed the need to put your credit card detail when signing up for PRO membership trials so you can try it out easily.

Expert connect

Expert Connect allowed startup founders to find the right expert with certain expertise or knowledge in certain area that might not be accessible or learned from general inquiries in the internet. We have pre-select five experts from various industries and verticals as a start and more experts will be joining the program.

Start your connect now, click here.

Credit card removal for PRO trials

We noticed that, a lot of you were interested the test out our PRO features but bounced out because you were afraid that you might forget to cancel the subscription before the trial ends. Though we are quite confident that our PRO benefits are worth it, we’ve been there before, and know how it feels to commit. So we got you covered! Now you can sign up for trials without any credit card details. Just click here and voila. (terms and conditions applied)

Website improvements

Nothing fancy, we picked up the broom and dustpan and finally cleaned up our kitchen. You should notice some improvements in speed and loading time. *pats back*

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