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For this month, we launched a feature called Connect Summary dashboard to help Pro members view and manage their connection better and we also spent the rest of the month dedicated in improving the experience of our platform for all users.

Connect summary dashboard

Connect summary is a part of the Connect Dashboard where Pro members could easily view connection status and the Investors that they connected with. Currently, it’s still in the beta version, if you faced any issue or bugs, do let us know by submitting the report from the box on the bottom left.

Credit card detail removal

We noticed that a lot of you wanted to try out our Pro features but were not sure if you wanted to commit or felt comfortable sharing your credit card details, so we removed the need to add the credit card details for trial period. Enjoy the free trial and up your game!

Bug fixes and system improvement

Our platform was built many years ago and technology moves far faster than that. We realised they were a few bugs that slowed down performance. Starting this month we dedicated ourselves to improve our system and spray dead most of the bugs we can find, so you’ll have a better experience using our platform.

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