Turkey has made up its mind to support Pakistan and its related arch enemies in strengthening the stronghold of Muslim communities. Under its aegis is a Turkish group İHH. Sadly, Humanitarian Relief Foundation or İHH this is a conservative Turkish registered non-government organization (NGO). An Al-Qaeda related Turkish group is expanding its presence on the Indian-Nepal border; confirmed sources have shared, upping the antenna of the Indian intelligent services.

Its members are predominantly Turkish Muslims working actively in more than 100 countries. It is funded by the Turkish government and is now functioning somewhat like how Qatar has used NGOs for terrorism funding for decades worldwide.

İHH is said to be running multiple projects in Nepal, especially in areas close to the Indian border. According to reliable intelligence, its main agenda is to broaden the support base among the country’s minority Muslim community and expand logistical operations in support of global jihadist networks. Turkey has in the past expressed openly its intent to show more support towards its Muslim brothers across the world. It has therefore been moving closer to Pakistan and is known to have even started sleeping cells and training centers in India.

İHH is apparently also working closely with a Nepalese Islamai Sangh Nepal (ISN) that has been linked to provide sanctuary to terrorists and has been under the scanner since 2018. The İHH has also been named in the UN Security Council documents and was investigated for running a line of support to armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Surprisingly, the IHH is also known to function as a tool of the Turkish intelligence agency MIT and has been granted special privileges by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. It is through the help of the Nepalese entity that İHH has been able to find a foothold around the Himalayas making India’s security vulnerable.

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